SEO Myths and the Future of Search

Search the web, and you’ll find heaps of articles on SEO: introductions to SEO, tips and tricks, and more in-depth pieces for those already well-versed in the topic.

Ify Ugada, SEO Executive

What are the biggest misconceptions around SEO?

There are a tonne and I’m sure there are some still yet to be found but these are my top 3:

  • SEO can be condensed into a checklist — this is a misconception stemming from the early days when search engines worked by trying to return the closest matching files to a user’s query. Back then there wasn’t close to a 10th of the search volume most search engines get today and users weren’t reliant on search engines for their finances and health. So having a checklist only narrows down your team’s objective view on a given account — it’s worth noting that a list can be useful when covering technical requirements but that is only one aspect of SEO.
  • Many still believe ‘rankings are everything’ — urgh! This stems from the siloed nature SEO tends to play within digital marketing which treats SEO as a means to an end — “let’s get this page to rank #1 and we will be swimming in cash” (Wrong!). Unfortunately, (or rather fortunately) users are far more knowledgeable and expect more so it takes a lot more than ranking #1 to convince them to buy. Top rankings are just a piece in the overall puzzle of meeting a goal. If anything, they hold a strategic role of meeting a user at various stages of their search journey.
(Align content to meet customers at different stages of their conversion journey — Source: CrazyEgg)

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