Why Online Brand Communities Have Never Been More Important

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  • For their voices to be heard and to feel valued
  • Inspiration — sharing ideas, thoughts, and concerns
  • Information — looking for answers to their questions
  • A sense of unity and to feel like they are part of something bigger
  • To empower and support others
  • To interact and build relationships with other like-minded individuals through common interests
  • Access to behind-the-scene content — gaining insight into a brand on a deeper level
  • Let them know you are listening — building a sense of trust and reassurance
  • Get to the heart of their pain points — truly understand their needs
  • Unlock other interests and habits of your customers
  • Nurture your audience — reward them with exclusive content, tips, offers, competitions
  • Share expert knowledge and advice
  • Private or public social media pages/groups
  • Unique/branded hashtags
  • Dedicated apps and websites
  • Forums
  • Blogs
Neesha Gill, Account Manager



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