As a content marketer and English Lit graduate, I have always been quite accustomed to the written word and its power of persuasion. But more recently, and due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen the rapid rise of video marketing dominating social platforms and brand pages, and I’ve become very impressed by the impact and influence of the medium. During a time where we’ve been trapped and contained in our homes, most of us have found a sense of solace from entertainment through our screens. …

Now I’m not here to say anything controversial, such as the ‘retainer is dead!’. If executed right, the retainer model still offers a mutually beneficial relationship between brand and agency. However, the landscape is shifting and COVID-19 was only the spark that lit the powder keg.

The state of the nation

Like it or not, there has been a shift away from a customer-first mentality towards an onslaught of advertising at scale. “One way or another we will drive the customer into our marketing funnel” — it’s a mentality driven by the larger media providers and agencies. However, is this…

Your reporting framework and processes can be powerful tools to surface customer insights, gain competitive advantage, and ultimately, drive commercial growth. Is your approach to analytics and reporting anything less? How realistic is the dream of reporting as this powerful feedback loop and what’s getting in the way?

For many of us, reporting is the means by which we prove that our efforts have commercial value. It can demonstrate the mix of channels and tactics that work for our business or provide targets to work towards. …

Confession time: I was late to the TikTok party. As a social media manager, I’m a little ashamed by this. As a millennial, I think my hesitation was warranted — TikTok is very much marketed as a Gen Z platform, and to be totally honest, I was a little intimidated. As a marketer, I was conflicted; professionally, I wanted to keep my finger on the pulse of every new platform in the space, but personally, I didn’t think I was the right fit for the platform.

I let my personal views of the platform initially cloud my professional judgment —…

Understanding your customer, and being able to leverage that understanding to build trust between you and them, is the driving force behind any good marketing team. But how do you know what is prompting your customers’ decisions?

Well, you can gather a lot of customer research data from focus groups and surveys to start with, but that can only get you so far. What you need to fully understand your customer, is a ‘big picture’ view of the environment they are living in. …

As consumers, we’re more connected than ever before. Nowadays, it is about more than just buying into a product or service, we are buying into a company’s ethos and values.

77% of consumers buy from brands who share the same values as they do

Our need to be informed, educated, inspired and entertained online is undoubtedly influencing the way we want to interact with brands. …

When you think of content marketing, what do you think of?

For many marketers, Dollar Shave Club’s viral video from 2012 comes to mind. In the short 1 minute 33 second video ‘Our Blades Are F***ing Great’, DSC’s founder, Michael Dubin, confidently and, well, cockily asserts the greatness of their product.

This brazen, in your face, straight to the point pitch resonated with customers. But why? Was it just because it was funny? Or was it also the fact that DSC knew that customers were sick of the standard marketing spiel that had been rammed down their throats for years?

At the start of 2020, none of us could have predicted what this year would end up looking like. For Jake Cawdery, he certainly didn’t expect he would be furloughed from his existing job and then end up making a new career move in the middle of a global pandemic. But this is where he currently finds himself: two weeks into a new role as Operations Director at Curated.

We sat down to get to know more about Jake’s journey, his experience on furlough, and how he’s navigating joining a new team remotely.

Some of Jake’s top tips for staying…

With Google announcing that “page experience” will now become an organic ranking factor for web pages, it’s got us thinking more widely about the importance of user experience (UX) when it comes to online content.

Gabriella Mascia

But how does UX play a part in content strategy and at what stage of the process. We sat down with Gabriella Mascia, Curated Digital’s senior content strategist, to delve a little deeper into the importance of UX when developing content, and what an experiential content strategy might look like.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘content is king’ — is this still true?

There’s still…

Search the web, and you’ll find heaps of articles on SEO: introductions to SEO, tips and tricks, and more in-depth pieces for those already well-versed in the topic.

Ify Ugada, SEO Executive

But among these, you’ll likely come across a range of myths and mis-truths around best practice approaches. That’s why we sat down with Ify Ugada, Curated Digital’s resident SEO expert, to dispel some of the common myths and share insights on what the future of search looks like for brands and marketers.

What are the biggest misconceptions around SEO?

There are a tonne and I’m sure there are some still yet to be found but these are my top…

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